Online foreign language counselling

A complex, individualized course to help you overcome your fears of speaking foreign languages.

We will pinpoint the reasons behind your inhibition, find your motivation and develop a feasible action plan based on your strengths.

You will be equipped with background knowledge, tools and a foundation which you will be able to rely on in any situation involving the use of the foreign language of your choice to speak confidently.

This course is for you if:

  • you are afraid of speaking in foreign languages;
  • you are preparing for a job interview;
  • you are preparing for an oral language exam;
  • you are preparing for giving a presentation in a foreign language;
  • you would like to make small talk during breaks at business meetings, dinners, and conferences but you are afraid of doing so;
  • you would like to get effective techniques for independent language learning;
  • you would like to discover and develop your strengths and weaknesses with regards to language learning;
  • you need a time management strategy that creates space for daily language learning;
  • you need an effective stress management strategy in your daily life;
  • you wish to get continuous and realistic feedback regarding your progress.

Each session is 90 minutes.

The course consists of 6-10 sessions depending on your needs, with one session every two weeks.

The sessions are conducted mainly in Hungarian, partially in the foreign language of your choice. An elementary level of language proficiency is sufficient.

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